Gazosa is a clear, carbonated lemonade from the canton of Ticino. Opening the bottle produces a wonderful popping sound, which is why Gazosa used to be known colloquially as “the Champagne of the poor”. For me, Marco Oesch, Gazosa is primarily a treat for the taste buds and a reminder of childhood summer holidays in Ticino. I am therefore all the more delighted to now be producing Gazosa 1883, the very first Gazosa to be made with natural flavourings and without artificial colourings. The name “Gazosa 1883” is a tribute to the first Gazosa factory in Mendrisio, which went into operation in 1883. The Gazosa for gourmets, Gazosa 1883 stands out because it is made with natural flavourings and contains no artificial colourings.

It is available in nine refreshing varieties:

– Limone (lemon)
– Mandarino (mandarin)
– Pompelmo rosa (pink grapefruit)
– Sanguinella (blood orange)
– Mirtillo (blueberry)
– Aranciata amara (bitter orange)
– Ginger
– Lampone (raspberry)
– Mela Cannella (apple/cinnamon), November to March

Where does the name “Gazosa 1883” come from?

The Ticinese had to wait until the year 1883 to have their first lemonade factory, the “Fabbrica di Gazose e Seltz” in Mendrisio. The company imported lemons from Italy and made lemonade by concentrating the lemon juice and adding water, sugar and carbon dioxide. What was special about the lemonade was the bottling process. Initially, a bulbous green glass bottle featuring a cork held in place by iron wire was used, just like Champagne bottles (hence the name “Champagne of the poor”). Some time later, this was replaced by a white glass bottle with a glass marble inside it, which resulted in the lemonade being nicknamed “champagne de la baleta” (Champagne with the marble). The lemonade remains hugely successful to this day, thanks to the passion that has been preserved over the years and passed down through the generations along with the recipe, which is a skilful combination of flavours and bubbles. The result is an especially delicious drink that is perfect for any occasion and has a truly unique effervescence.